The (not so) secret life of a recovering sugar addict!

I imagine we’re in a cosy room, all sitting in a circle, nervously looking at each other – so let me start…

Hello my name is Hannah and I’m a sugar addict.

When I was in my teens I found sugar. It was love at first taste and I never wanted this love affair to end.

I bet you remember that feeling of ‘freedom’ when you first moved out of home.

You no longer needed to live by the rules your parents set for you; you no longer had to follow their routines and guidelines. The first part of my ‘rebellion’ was food. I pretty much survived on fast food and Pepsi (I preferred Coke but Pepsi was cheaper!).

And then I started working in a pub.

I discovered that if you only half press the button in on the drink machine, you get a glass full of syrup, free of that pesky soda stuff. And it was free! Can you imagine the sugar highs I experienced? I studied all day, worked all hours of the night and averaged 3-4 hours’ sleep a night. It’s no wonder sugar was my best friend. And on my salary, fast food was more affordable than the healthier options.

But I moved on…

I finished my degree, stopped working crazy hours, started sleeping and changed my eating habits to include those ‘healthy options’ I previously avoided. After the birth of my first child, I had a massive overhaul of the foods we consumed.

And now, I’m a convert!

First, let me exclaim, ‘I’m not a complete control freak’! Although I only use natural sweeteners and rarely keep ‘sweets’ in the house, if my son goes to a birthday party, I do allow him to eat food with the other kids. And in testament to my findings that kids will get used to the foods you bring them up on, I’ve found that my son will come and tell me that he’s had a couple of lollies, that he doesn’t want any more as he feels himself ‘getting crazy’, and asks for a drink of water.

Yes, I’m human and I do slip up.

Imagine a household with one teething child, and the other, despite being seriously over tired, refuses to sleep. I NEED sugar! I’ve found myself rummaging through the cupboards, looking for any left-over lolly bags, rogue chocolate that may be hiding, anything sweet…

It’s true when they say that sugar affects the brain in similar ways to drugs.lollies

My brain was telling me I needed sugar and I didn’t care what type it was, so long as it was getting pumped into my body. So I binged on prunes. Yeah – not the best move! You can imagine the result of that.

I realised I needed to ‘properly’ detox (not with prunes!).

What a long process this ended up being. I was exhausted, totally sleep deprived and all my body was screaming for was sugar. Day by day, I plodded along, drinking loads of water and convincing myself that I’m better when I’m not a sugar junkie.

And I’ve made it back to me!

I’m still an exhausted mother of two young children, but that’s normal isn’t it? I just need to work on my blood sugar levels staying in balance. I’ve been reading That Sugar Book which has been a great motivator to stay off the sugar.

We all have a vice, mine is sugar. But I’m working on it. What’s yours?

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  1. Rosie May 27, 2015 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    Yeah I’m a sugar addict for sure. I love comfort food and sweet treats. And since having Bub #2 it’s been harder to manage. It’s that cycle of feeling tired and wanting sugar but knowing full well that the sugar is going to make you more tired in the long run. As a mum I think I just go for the quick easy comfort option instead of the bigger picture.

    • Hannah Naylor May 28, 2015 at 11:23 am - Reply

      I agree Rosie, sometimes you just need to go with the flow and do what makes you happy (and slightly less irrational) when tired. When I have had too much sugar however I go a tad insane and that’s not fun for anyone.

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