Effortless Toilet Training Pants


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Toilet Training Nappy Pants

I remember when I was toilet training my children I decided that I was going to stay at home for a week or when every wee went in the toilet, what ever happened first.

A week isn’t that long, or is it? It is when you’re in the midst of toilet training chaos.

I remember with my first child we left the house as we had to get a friends birthday present. I made Eco-Boy visit the toilet before we left home, but the second we walked into the store there was a tidal wave. The poor boy was mortified.

The Effortless Toilet Training pants are here to help you. They are designed to hold the little accidents and hopefully allow the time to rush to the toilet.


They are made of a cotton fabric with waterproofing, this leaves them feeling soft and have a slight stretch to allow for busy toddlers. Their absorbency is made up of six layers of muslin, a light weight compact fabric.


There are three sizes available:

Small  7-9kg

Medium  9-11kg

Large  11-14kg


Good Luck!


Additional information

Weight .1 kg

Small 7-9kg., Medium 9-11kg, Large 11-14kg


Mountain Bears, Stripe Bears, Spring, Pink Rabbits, Yellow Rain, Blue Rain, Woodland


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