Effortless Nappy Liner





Biodegradable Nappy Liners

These little gems are designed to sit just on the surface of the nappy between your baby’s skin and the nappy. They make cleaning the nappy so much easier. Let’s face it, who wants to scrape poo off a nappy? Not me. That wouldn’t really be very Effortless!

I ran out of liners a while ago, and it was probably the longest week of my life waiting for more to arrive in the mail.

The best bit of the Effortless Nappy liner is that you can just pick up the liner (solids intact) and pop the whole lot into the bin. If they are just wet you can either pop them into your compost or the rubbish bin. They are fully biodegradable, but please respect out waterways and do not flush. These are great to help prevent staining of nappies as well as prolonging their life.

The Effortless Nappy Liners are made from 100% Organic Bamboo and are fully biodegradable.

The fibre is very thin and each sheet measures approximately 18cm x 30cm providing excellent nappy coverage.


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