On the hunt for Australia’s best modern cloth nappy?

Effortless Nappies are just that – effortless! And that’s just what the modern busy parent is looking for – an easy alternative to costly disposable nappies.

Our no fuss Effortless Cloth Nappies are perfect because:

  • You can change them just as fast as a disposable nappy – using press studs, not Velcro
  • They have 4 built in layers of an organic cotton blend and hemp to maximise absorbency and speed up drying time
  • You can add night time boosters to increase absorbency (and your sleep)
  • Once used, you simply shake them off, pop them in the wash, hang it out to dry and then re-use them
  • You save thousands of dollars over the 2 years your child is in nappies

And here at Effortless Eco, we have all the essentials you need to get started with modern, organic cotton and hemp cloth nappies. Check out our range here.