For the Mums – on Mothers’ Day

We all have a Mum in our lives

Let’s face it, we’re surrounded by them. Your mum may not be with you anymore, but you might have a sister who is a mum, a wife, a friend, or you might be the mum.

I love my mum, and no I’m not just saying that because I know she is reading my newsletter (however, I do know this is being read by at least one person; thanks mum). I love my mum because she taught me to be independent, to trust my instincts, to love and to never give up. She also took me and my babies in when everything fell apart. She helped me pick up the pieces and rearrange them. She is the mum that I aspire to be like.

Enough about my mum, let’s talk about the mums in your life. What are you doing to celebrate this Mother’s Day? I know, I know. Really – it’s a day that some corporation created for us to spend money. But there are ways you can have a wonderful day without blowing the budget.

Here are some ideas which focus more on presence not presents:

  • Does the mum in your life like to garden? No worries, buy her a plant. Don’t just hand it over and say “see you later”. Why not spend time and help plant the plant with her. Even if you’re just standing there looking like a goof ball making conversation. She’ll love it.
  • Picnics. In our house we love to call picnics of the highest order “pic-anic-anu”. If I say to Eco-Boy we’ve got a serious picnic to organise he, without fail with absolute excitement responds with “What? A pic-anic-anu?” It’s simple, take mum out to a park, riverbank, anywhere she might be interested in going and feed her!
  • Does the mum in your life like to walk? Great! Time to get some exercise in. Take mum out for a walk. Look up some local walking tracks. She will love to spend time with you, chatting about what’s going on in your life, and hers. Plus you’ve done research¬†into something that she actually likes doing.
  • Finally, if the mum you are celebrating on Mother’s Day is no lover active, just spend time. Sit with her, make her a tea. Talk, read just be with her.

I know these ideas seem so simple, but why not? What’s that famous saying? Keep It Simple Stupid!

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