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Hannah NaylorThe Toddler Chucking Tantrums Who Inspired The Business

You’ve seen them before. Those frazzled looking mothers who are totally worn out, adjusting to being a mother for the second time while at the same time as running around after a head-strong toddler…That was me.

My mother made raising kids look easy!

As a child, I was taught everything in moderation, including moderation. We grew up in an environment where being healthy was encouraged. We often went away camping to enjoy the great outdoors together. Our meals were lovingly cooked fresh every night. I believe this is where my love of ‘real food’ began.

When I needed to spread my wings to fly the coop, I fell straight into food…

With the importance of nutrition being instilled into me at an early age, I combined my love of science with my love of food and completed a double degree in nutrition and food science at RMIT. Finding out how food affects our bodies, both positively and negatively, was amazing!

Then one day, time became my enemy and my healthy lifestyle changed.

Working part time in an Eco Store, caring for a toddler, and being pregnant with baby number 2, I had no time to scratch let alone cook wholesome meals. Convenient foods became my best mate – supermarket bread (rather than homemade), packaged marinades (rather than homemade)…you get the idea. Oh, and I can’t forget those delicious raspberry liquorice straps that fuelled my sugar rush. Yum.

And my gorgeous boy had become a monster!

I was more than ready for the terrible twos and terrifying threes – my friends had pre-warned me. These tantrums were beyond that. My beautiful boy was calm one minute and then screaming, kicking and fighting me the next. The only way I could calm him down was a big bear hug until he settled; I copped a few bruises. The only thing different in our lives was the Processed Food. So I refreshed my knowledge on additives in food was reminded of how many nasties there are. I went back to making my own food from scratch and I haven’t seen one overly angry tantrum since.

So that’s how toddler tantrums inspired Effortless Eco…

I know how time poor you can become as a mum. Trust me on that one. I personally saw how nutrition and lifestyle affected my kids. I figured:- hey, why not share my knowledge with other people so they can benefit from my experiences? I seek to promote healthy eating and lifestyle, and to show you how Effortless it can be.

Effortless Eco takes the stress out of conscientious living.

Don’t search for organic, natural, healthy products. Browse the Effortless Eco Online Store, and select those that suit your family. Of course, I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Effortless Eco: Building Happy, Healthy Lives Without All The Fuss.

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